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Young job seekers and hipsters – This one’s for you!

I have spoken with many college grads who are job hunting right now. Job hunting in this climate can be a challenge to say the least. The black hole of online resume’s can be grueling and isolating. While it is important to submit your resume online, it’s even more important to get yourself  ’OUT THERE’!  Meet some new people and do some fun networking. When you are job hunting it’s important to look your best. This means, whenever you are in public. You never know who you will meet or where you will actually find your ‘good match’ job. Many jobs are found through friends and networking. There are mixed reviews about best avenues to find ‘your job’, but several experts say more jobs are found through people than online. So what does this mean for you? . . . Online searching for events, mixers and meetups to get you off your computer and in to ‘Action!’ . . . Out in the world . . . face to face . . . with other people. Once you locate fun and interesting events book the dates in your calendar. The next step is, ‘show up!’

This means getting your act together and looking your best. There are many cost effective ways to achieve this on a budget. Thrift stores, end of year sales and consignment shops are a great way to look snappy on a budget. It’s important to know what you’re looking for, stay on task with the items you need and inspect all garments thoroughly. Your acquisitions should be in mint condition or very close to it. Don’t purchase anything that shows too much wear, has fraying or spots. Get a snazzy hair cut and some great shoes. You wanna get it ‘goin on’ from head to toe.

Image Consulting services can help you achieve your unique ‘look’ and style. You will go forward with confidence when you feel terrific about how you’re ‘Showing Up’!

Job hunting tips. Have Fun!


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‘Sale Time’ in 2 weeks!

Fall/Winter ‘Sale time’ is rapidly approaching. What better time to update your winter clothes?! Prices will be reduced 40% to 70% off the majority of retail stock. In addition, I have located a few amazing consignment stores! In the past, we have thought of ‘used clothing stores’ when we are looking for vintage or costume clothing. Times are changing and so are ‘pre-owned clothing’ stores! There is a handful of select shops that do an amazing job with their buying and merchandising. You would never know you were in a used clothing store. They have a great selection of current fashion at amazing low prices, in sizes ranging from 4 to 10/12.

Even ‘Valley Girls’ are thrifting!

Depending on your budget, sale shopping or thrift shopping are cost effective options to freshen up your ‘winter look’.

Call to schedule your appointment today! (415) 690-5656

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday Season.


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Spanish Princess

Beautiful . . . The ‘Spanish Princess’ on her wedding day.

View Erica and Sergio’s wedding portfolio.

Erica is a client who resides in Sacramento. Her mother, Dawn, has been a long time client of mine for ? 20 plus years. I worked with Dawn and Erica via skype online for 8 months planning and styling wedding. Dawn and I designed the entire wedding online after I had an initial consultation with the bride, Erica, to discuss and define her ‘Vision’, look and feel of her wedding day. Beyond that, I just got Erica’s input and approval on overall wedding ‘appearance’ and final choices as Dawn and I planned, styled and handled details for the entire wedding. (Dawn planned and detailed everything. I merely styled all visuals.) This freed up Erica to work and go to school full time while her wedding plans were simultaneously in motion. Her husband to be was also completing his last year of law school.

Wow! talk about a lot going on!

I took Dawn shopping in San Francisco for her ‘mother of the bride’ outfit. I met with Erica (in person) in San Francisco for only one shopping day. She coincidentally found her gown in Sacramento after I had given her and her mom some homework to do prior to our ‘wedding gown shopping apt’. Erica and I then discussed and approved details about her gown via skype and pic’s of her in it, online. When we met for Erica’s shopping appointment I consulted on her veil, all accessories to complete her gown and hair and makeup. We procured ‘complete outfits’ for all wedding related events, including her bachelorette party! Woo Hoo! And purchased all gifts for wedding party.

We had an amazingly fun and productive day. We totally ‘nailed’ all of it and Erica looked fantastic for every event.

It was such a pleasure working with Dawn and Erica to plan and design Erica and Sergio’s exquisitely beautiful ‘Big Day’ . . . to marry the love of their life. Congratulations Erica and Sergio!

I’m honored I was chosen to assist.

Denise Sims

Important note: Sharon Hoyt photography, ‘proprietary policies’ regarding her clients are not endorsed by Denise Sims Image Consulting ‘service standards’.

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“A diamond in the rough” . . .

Spring has Sprung. Time to refresh and reinvent your ‘image’ in ‘present time’!

I was working with a client I adore yesterday, Reverend Barbara. She is a lovely woman in her 60′s who is the gracious host of the talk show ‘Mental Health Matters’. She interviews many fascinating guests on highly sensitive topics. She reminds me of a gracious and gentle female version of Bill Moyers or Charlie Rose, (my heroes).

I’m very impressed with her show as it is one of the few sources of great information on the internet that is independently funded and NOT backed by pharmaceutical corporations! It’s a gem, like “Finding the diamond in the rough.”. In my experience, approximately 98% of all information found on the internet ‘Presenting As’ “Helpful” on any topic of mental health is backed by pharmaceutical corporations. On the vast majority of these sites the ‘presentation’ of information is exceedingly deceptive. You read an article you are led to believe is ‘Helpful’. if you keep reading and go deeper into each site you will find, only at the very end, buried in very fine print on the very last page that the entire site is funded by a pharmaceutical company of one sort or another that is pushing their patonted special drug. This is not only deceptive, it’s tragic, especially for those sincerely seeking ‘helpful’ information that is not fundamentally plagued with ‘Blue journalism’.

The show is funded by grants and has a modest production budget. After stumbling across her show while doing research on the internet I contacted Reverend Barbara, the host. Her presentation on the show was frumpy and lacked polish and professionalism. The work she does as a host is totally awesome! Her presentation in no way reflected the caliber of her ‘good work’. It was sabotaging her and diminishing her credibility. I offered to assist her giving her a probono consultation in support of her ‘good work’. She graciously accepted. She was so excited about the work we did she hired me as her personal stylist. It’s an understatement to say how fun and satisfying it has been to work with Reverend Barbara.

The work we did yesterday went to a new level. We are now in the process of fine tuning and honing in on micro details for overall presentation of her look, guest presentation guidelines and overall set appearance. In the process of our consultation it brought several things to the foreground for me.

Each media venue is different. One must look at each medium as totally separate and different from the other. Clothes that look great on set aren’t necessarily clothes that fabulous in person. Clothes that are fabulous in person on a daily basis are not necessarily clothes that are fabulous on set. Images that look incredible on your website don’t particularly look incredible in person. Images that are fantastic in print on an album cover or business cards are not the same images that look amazing on your website! Each medium is different.

When you are putting together your marketing materials in all mediums you must view each one separate and different from the other. Again, work with experts! This is A LOT of information to navigate and it’s NOT your expertise. After all, it is your job to do ‘your job’ . . . what you are best at doing! Create ‘Your Team’ and get ALL your support people in place. Find all those ‘Diamonds in the rough’ who totally support you with their professional expertise. In my experience this creates a powerful platform to launch your business from.

Remember, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.

Sincerely in support of your success,


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Use Experts!

Occasionally people write in with ‘comments’. Unfortunately some are SPAM to promote a product. This is a ‘comment’ I just saw in my spam folder before deleting them all. I am copying and printing it here because I don’t know who the sender is. I thought it was interesting for anyone who is a performing artist! and totally ‘On Topic’ for a few recent clients.

“Most bands have a sound that they’re already identified with, so for the producer it becomes a process of helping them find their muse in the studio to make a record that will not only satisfy them artistically, but will also do something in the marketplace.”

Thanks ‘Mr. Anonymous’!

I couldn’t agree more.

Having worked with many aspiring artists, singers and actors over the years I have witnessed A LOT that goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Let’s just say “It’s not a pretty picture.” For all the glam and sparkle you see on stage, TV or film there is a cesspool 100 times that big that goes on behind the scenes. The entertainment business is by no means a place for the ‘faint of heart’. On the contrary! It is a rigorous, highly competitive and extremely DEMANDING business.

‘Mr. Anonymous’s’ ‘comment’ set me thinking about singers and bands. Looking back on consulting and coaching work I have done with ‘Talent’, there are so many unforeseen aspects that come up. Many artists have passion for singing, playing an instrument or acting. They just want to do their ‘passion’ in life. There is a lot to be said for ‘following your bliss’, I did and I am forever grateful I did so. When one ‘follows their bliss/passion’ there is a very steep intense learning curve and there are always many rocks and bumps along the way. I am here to tell you, there is an enormous amount of commitment and business acumen that is not only mandatory, IT’S REQUIRED! to succeed in the arts! Time and time again I find myself talking with young aspiring artisans and the most common thing I see is the total lack of awareness and understanding (‘blind spot’ and or innocence) about all the other things that contribute to your success as an artist or entertainer. Doing the actual singing or acting (Talent) is only about 12% to 18% of the puzzle pieces that need to be in place to actually succeed in the entertainment business.

When I ‘coach’ and or ‘style’ for most singer/actors I’ve met who are just starting out, the very first ‘order of business’ is to convey how important it is to understand that one must remain unwaveringly committed to your goal. It is mandatory to:

‘Be’ totally ‘Coachable’!

‘Be’ willing to be shredded, sliced and diced in the interest of improvement and success.

‘Be’ willing and committed to learning new things from people who ARE successful and have been for many years. This includes fellow artists as well as experienced industry professionals.

You must also be prepared to spend 10K to 30K annually just to keep yourself  ’In the Game’. There are numerous unforeseen expenses required to support you as an artist, fine tune and hone your talent, business and ‘brand’ . . . and they are constant . . . forever evolving . . . just as your work and the world is on a daily basis.

Set up ‘Your Team’. These are people who are knowledgable and support different aspects of your success. The aspects I have been ‘value added’ for artisans is in the domain of  ’Coaching’, ‘Styling’ and honing my clients authentic brand. In my experience there are three to five people on an artisans ‘Team’. When you get clear about the direction you are going with your personal ‘brand’ or using ‘Experts’ to get clear in the process, be open and take their advice! ‘Be Coachable’. This is ‘The’ most essential aspect to success in my experience. Locate a business expert, a ‘talent’ expert, a great manager, agent and stylist. You will also need to find a ‘good match’ photographer web person/social media expert and promoter.

I am a firm believer in ‘Experts’ and use them all the time for myself as well as referring them to my clients.

If you find yourself floundering or challenged, find ‘The expert’ to help you!

In the interest of your success,


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“Time for Beige”

Yes, ‘Sale Time’ is in full swing . . .

A few weeks ago I took a client shopping at the HUGE memorial day sales. Total insanity! Fortunately this shoe department and HUGE sale was relatively calm comparatively.  Read more ›

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Sale Time!!!

Memorial Day sales are the official kick off to spring/summer ‘sale season’. I found some fantastic deals for several clients on Memorial Day sale weekend. They got an average of 50% off total retail bill! Wow! Some really great finds my clients were thrilled with.

In this economy department stores are doing their buying in a whole different way. They are ordering minimal numbers in size ranges, so when they’re gone they’re gone and much more difficult to locate at other stores than they have been in past years. Read more ›

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Entertainment Value!

Yes folks, get it here . . . Valuable information and entertainment too!

On a grey rainy day last January, I was checking out some things on craigslist (CL). I came across a CL category I had never seen before. It was on the far left side and had an unusual title. It was just called ‘events’. I have used CL as long as it has been online for many different and wonderful things, (Thanks Craig!), and never noticed ‘events’ category before.

When I noticed the ‘events’ section I was curious so I clicked on it. Wow! There is a lot of amazing stuff in that section. As I scanned, two posts jumped out at me. One was titled ‘coffee with a stranger’. I was compelled to go look and see what this meant. I then read a CL post that was ‘an invitation’ from a stranger to have coffee with one, a stranger. This peaked my curiosity. I thought, “I don’t know who this person is, but I definitely want to meet them.” The post said nothing about gender in either direction.

Being a curious and adventuresome Soul, I answered the post ‘invitation’, saying “I would like to have coffee”.

Curious now . . . ?

See link below for the high ‘Entertainment Value!’

This is fun . . . Enjoy!


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Look at your Shoes!

$200 TIP!

Did you know there are actually employers who will not hire you based on the style and condition of your shoes?!!!

Yes . . . sadly, it’s TRUE.

Given the fact that this is actually true based on lunch conversations I’ve had with CEO clients in the past,  I’m here to say “CHECK YOUR SHOES!”

They are a microcosm ‘communication’ about you. The style, the quality, the wear, the care, the polish . . . or not, communicates a tremendous amount of information about you. There are many women that will not even consider talking to a guy based on his shoes!

While this seems totally shallow, vapid and mundane it doesn’t really matter. Your personal opinions about it don’t matter. It’s just the way ‘IT IS’.

Accept ‘IT’.

If you can “accept it”, it could potentially take you a long way.

Resisting the ‘world views’ that are out there around ‘your shoes’ is doing you a total ‘disservice!’ This is a very simple and amazingly easy way to handle one aspect of your presentation to the world.

I’ll never forget what a friend of mine once said to me. He is a brilliant artisan and mad man . . . and almost always right.

He said; “The quickest way to learn anything is to start at the ‘Top’ of whatever you are learning. If you do this, you will automatically know ALL there is to know about everything beneath it.”

Truer words have never been spoken. This is an exercise in what I refer to as “Quantum Learning”. It’s a way to learn the very most the very quickest.

1) What is the style of your shoes?

2) What is the quality of your shoes?

3) What is the age of your shoes?

4) What is the condition of your shoes?

5) Are they clean and polished?

6) Are they thrashed and trashed?

These are the ‘big 6′ regarding your shoes. If you are interviewing for a job make sure your shoes are cleaned and polished . . . Tip Top!

Older shoes that have been worn can look amazing and even better than new shoes when they have been cleaned, polished and well cared for. Brand new shoes indicate ‘you had to buy them for the event’. Take a look at your shoes and consider the style, quality and polish they have for the ‘event’ you are wearing them to.

You can find fabulous shoes in a thrift store if they have been loved and cared for.

To the women out there; this message is a bit different. The style and quality of your shoes is paramount. The next matter of importance is care and cleanliness. Above all! ‘NO worn off heels!’ This is the biggest “No No” ever. It communicates “trailer trash” to those in the know. (Nothing against trailer dwellers) Get your heels replaced if they’re worn.

If you own some older shoes in your closet and the style is not overtly ‘dated’, take them to a great shoe repair and say “make these look NEW!” Think of it like dry cleaning your clothes. Maintain your shoes seasonally. This way they are always in good shape.

One can get triple the wear out of shoes if they are maintained properly.

$50 Tip

DO NOT USE “Kiwi polish” ever. It has alcohol in it which removes the lanolin from leather and cracks it over time. It also creates a ‘painted appearance’ on shoes. ‘Meltonian shoe creme’ is the best and readily available in many locations in numerous colors.

Note: If you are a carpenter or contractor your shoes should show it. This will potentially convey knowledge and success.Wikipedia ‘Antique Asian rugs’. The thought is, “You can’t pay for the wear of time therefore it is valuable”. This ideology holds true for brief cases as well.

Summing it up – If you are new to a business, go to a thrift store and buy a seasonally worn briefcase. It conveys knowledge and a good work ethic.

Happy shopping!

“Go forth and prosper!” Clean your shoes.

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Southon Wisdm

I’ll never forget the words a serious ‘Southon Belle’ said to her daughter years ago; “Why honey, don’t yu know havin bad manna’s is wurs than havin no money child?”

This gives me such a chuckle. It’s totaly true.

She then continued, saying; “Child, clean yor face, brush yor haya and put some clean clothes on that au pressed real guud. Don’t yu know that y’always look smarta when yor clean and pressed?”

Also True! These pearls of wisdom wur neva said betta.

If you know your manners and show up clean and snappy you can interface almost anywhere with ease and confidence. It affords you more options, opportunities and therefore more choices in life.

When you are around people that know good manners and you don’t know them, this can create unnessesary and false judements about you.

Show up clean and snappy, learn which fork to use and follow the lead of others if your not sure.

Expand your horizons and create new opportunities today!

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