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Young job seekers and hipsters – This one’s for you!

I have spoken with many college grads who are job hunting right now. Job hunting in this climate can be a challenge to say the least. The black hole of online resume’s can be grueling and isolating. While it is important to submit your resume online, it’s even more important to get yourself  ’OUT THERE’! [...]

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“Time for Beige”

Yes, ‘Sale Time’ is in full swing . . . A few weeks ago I took a client shopping at the HUGE memorial day sales. Total insanity! Fortunately this shoe department and HUGE sale was relatively calm comparatively. 

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Entertainment Value!

Yes folks, get it here . . . Valuable information and entertainment too! On a grey rainy day last January, I was checking out some things on craigslist (CL). I came across a CL category I had never seen before. It was on the far left side and had an unusual title. It was just [...]

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Look at your Shoes!

$200 TIP! Did you know there are actually employers who will not hire you based on the style and condition of your shoes?!!! Yes . . . sadly, it’s TRUE. Given the fact that this is actually true based on lunch conversations I’ve had with CEO clients in the past,  I’m here to say “CHECK [...]

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Southon Wisdm

I’ll never forget the words a serious ‘Southon Belle’ said to her daughter years ago; “Why honey, don’t yu know havin bad manna’s is wurs than havin no money child?” This gives me such a chuckle. It’s totaly true. She then continued, saying; “Child, clean yor face, brush yor haya and put some clean clothes on [...]

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Denise recommends . . .

We take pride in our service and support services we recommend. There are many good stylists and salons, however, finding one that is head and shoulders above the rest for a broad range of clients is not easy. Based on our experience and feedback from many clients, the following is a free $100 TIP!  from Denise. [...]

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