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We take pride in our service and support services we recommend. There are many good stylists and salons, however, finding one that is head and shoulders above the rest for a broad range of clients is not easy. Based on our experience and feedback from many clients, the following is a free $100 TIP!  from Denise.

She highly recommends Wak Shack Salon in San Francisco.

The owner and all stylists are excellent. They are committed to quality cuts that work for your look and lifestyle, excellent customer service and staff and client education. They actually schedule a portion of your appointment to teach you exactly how they achieved your beautiful new hair style. Wow! That’s service.

Wak Shack is a socially aware Salon making a difference. They recently partnered with an organization called ‘Matter of Trust’. This organization is collecting human hair to help clean up the tragic and catastrophic oil spill in the gulf.

KUDOS to Wak Shack and Matter of Trust for the great work!

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