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Entertainment Value!

Yes folks, get it here . . . Valuable information and entertainment too!

On a grey rainy day last January, I was checking out some things on craigslist (CL). I came across a CL category I had never seen before. It was on the far left side and had an unusual title. It was just called ‘events’. I have used CL as long as it has been online for many different and wonderful things, (Thanks Craig!), and never noticed ‘events’ category before.

When I noticed the ‘events’ section I was curious so I clicked on it. Wow! There is a lot of amazing stuff in that section. As I scanned, two posts jumped out at me. One was titled ‘coffee with a stranger’. I was compelled to go look and see what this meant. I then read a CL post that was ‘an invitation’ from a stranger to have coffee with one, a stranger. This peaked my curiosity. I thought, “I don’t know who this person is, but I definitely want to meet them.” The post said nothing about gender in either direction.

Being a curious and adventuresome Soul, I answered the post ‘invitation’, saying “I would like to have coffee”.

Curious now . . . ?

See link below for the high ‘Entertainment Value!’

This is fun . . . Enjoy!


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