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While I adore the cult classic film ‘Combover’ for the sake of fun, art and self expression, my professional thoughts on ‘combovers’ are quite a departure from the film.

As men age and their hair begins to thin, they have a tendency to try to cover it up initially by combing their hair in a different way. The thinning starts with just one small area that seems insignificant then spreads, much like mold, to larger areas. It also creeps like mold, unsuspectingly. Then, suddenly one day it’s everywhere!

Unlike mold thinning hair doesn’t smell it just slams confidence, creates sheer panic and ‘stinkin thinkin’.

As it creeps there is a tendency over time to get more and more creative about combing and styling your hair . . . until . . . then . . . one day . . . you look in the mirror and “YIKES!” You have a full blown combover that repels women like bug spray on a daily basis and you didn’t even know it. This process insidiously crept up on you over time . . . slowly, while eroding and killing off  your self esteem – silently – daily.

To all men out there of any age with thinning hair, Your trusty Image Consultant Denise Sims is here to tell you ‘Don’t Do It!’ Stop the creative hair combing now . . . immediately . . . today!

Depending on where the thinning is happening you have two choices. One is to schedule a hair cut with an excellent stylist now, or better yet, yesterday. You have the option to go with a very short hair style that is close to the head and cut well to work with your type of hair and thinning patterns. Any skilled and talented stylist will know exactly how to achieve a look works for you.

There is an amazing sense of relief and confidence that will begin to emerge when you stop trying to hide your thinning hair. Think about it. This will radically change your personal experience of yourself every morning. No more shame based ‘stinkin thinkin’ or creative and time consuming styling and combing ‘over’ each morning when you wake up and look in the mirror. This will totally change the attitude with which you present yourself to the world everyday! You will stand taller and walk straighter going forth with confidence. No more ‘bug repellant’ for women either. Your authenticity and freedom from fear about your thinning hair will actually attract women!

I know this is counterintuitive, but trust me, It’s True!

Your second option is to go buy a set of clippers immediately, today. Take a bold step, go the distance and just go completely BALD! Bald can be exceedingly charismatic.

I’m here to say, “Have courage little buckaroo”. Go forth and prosper, gain confidence, release shame, and create and attract new and exciting relationships starting today.

Have Fun!

Fun fact

The combover was invented by Caesar. His hair began to thin at a very young age. For him the hair loss was in the form of a receding hairline. His ‘Combover’ was combed from the back forward, heavily greased, and then strategically cut to appear like short straight bangs. The hair he combed forward into his infamous style, we recognize today as the ‘Caesar look’.

Donald Trump wears his own very creative, highly quaffed and stylized version of the ‘Caesar’ combover, back to front. Donald is a quite a character and clearly has no self esteem issues. Donald’s highly stylized quaff works for him for one reason only. He is confident and unabashed about it. He totally and completely ‘owns it’. He also has a sense of humor about himself not to mention oodles of money and power.

This brings a third option to light – If you’re rich or outrageously confident with a lot of charisma and power, watch the movie ‘Combover’ and get inspired to create your very own unique and highly quaffed ‘signature combover’.

For styling tips see youtube #2 below. He’s my pick for award winning combover.

(He beats Donald!)

Fun clips


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