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Look at your Shoes!

$200 TIP!

Did you know there are actually employers who will not hire you based on the style and condition of your shoes?!!!

Yes . . . sadly, it’s TRUE.

Given the fact that this is actually true based on lunch conversations I’ve had with CEO clients in the past,  I’m here to say “CHECK YOUR SHOES!”

They are a microcosm ‘communication’ about you. The style, the quality, the wear, the care, the polish . . . or not, communicates a tremendous amount of information about you. There are many women that will not even consider talking to a guy based on his shoes!

While this seems totally shallow, vapid and mundane it doesn’t really matter. Your personal opinions about it don’t matter. It’s just the way ‘IT IS’.

Accept ‘IT’.

If you can “accept it”, it could potentially take you a long way.

Resisting the ‘world views’ that are out there around ‘your shoes’ is doing you a total ‘disservice!’ This is a very simple and amazingly easy way to handle one aspect of your presentation to the world.

I’ll never forget what a friend of mine once said to me. He is a brilliant artisan and mad man . . . and almost always right.

He said; “The quickest way to learn anything is to start at the ‘Top’ of whatever you are learning. If you do this, you will automatically know ALL there is to know about everything beneath it.”

Truer words have never been spoken. This is an exercise in what I refer to as “Quantum Learning”. It’s a way to learn the very most the very quickest.

1) What is the style of your shoes?

2) What is the quality of your shoes?

3) What is the age of your shoes?

4) What is the condition of your shoes?

5) Are they clean and polished?

6) Are they thrashed and trashed?

These are the ‘big 6′ regarding your shoes. If you are interviewing for a job make sure your shoes are cleaned and polished . . . Tip Top!

Older shoes that have been worn can look amazing and even better than new shoes when they have been cleaned, polished and well cared for. Brand new shoes indicate ‘you had to buy them for the event’. Take a look at your shoes and consider the style, quality and polish they have for the ‘event’ you are wearing them to.

You can find fabulous shoes in a thrift store if they have been loved and cared for.

To the women out there; this message is a bit different. The style and quality of your shoes is paramount. The next matter of importance is care and cleanliness. Above all! ‘NO worn off heels!’ This is the biggest “No No” ever. It communicates “trailer trash” to those in the know. (Nothing against trailer dwellers) Get your heels replaced if they’re worn.

If you own some older shoes in your closet and the style is not overtly ‘dated’, take them to a great shoe repair and say “make these look NEW!” Think of it like dry cleaning your clothes. Maintain your shoes seasonally. This way they are always in good shape.

One can get triple the wear out of shoes if they are maintained properly.

$50 Tip

DO NOT USE “Kiwi polish” ever. It has alcohol in it which removes the lanolin from leather and cracks it over time. It also creates a ‘painted appearance’ on shoes. ‘Meltonian shoe creme’ is the best and readily available in many locations in numerous colors.

Note: If you are a carpenter or contractor your shoes should show it. This will potentially convey knowledge and success.Wikipedia ‘Antique Asian rugs’. The thought is, “You can’t pay for the wear of time therefore it is valuable”. This ideology holds true for brief cases as well.

Summing it up – If you are new to a business, go to a thrift store and buy a seasonally worn briefcase. It conveys knowledge and a good work ethic.

Happy shopping!

“Go forth and prosper!” Clean your shoes.

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There are 3 Comments to "Look at your Shoes!"

  • Kate says:

    Did you see my heels before you wrote this? Ha Ha. Um, I’m officially in the “trailer trash” category with the worn out heels. Time to go shopping! Good tips!

  • Denise says:

    Thanks Kate!
    Happy to hear you found some “good tips”. While it may be time to expand your shoe wardrobe, your worn out heels suggest 2 things.
    1) You love your shoes.
    2) They are comfortable, likely cute, and work well for you.

    Shoes can be refurbished (only at a great shoe repair). They can be resoled, reheeled, cleaned, conditioned and polished. You won’t believe it. A good shoe repair can make them ‘look new!’ if two things are in place.
    1) The leather on ‘The upper’ portion of your shoe is not sliced and has little or no abrasions.
    2) The heels are not so worn past the rubber portion into the structure of the shoe heel, that it has actually minimized the height of the heel itself.

    $100 Tip!
    If you LOVE your shoes with the worn heels, Go see Gino at Anthony’s Shoe repair in San Franciso on Geary St. They are the best! Ask if he can make them look NEW?!

    $100 Tip!
    If you get a very thin ‘rubber skin’ put on the sole of your shoes, (this only goes on the portion of the shoe where the ball of your foot hits the ground.), You won’t believe it! Not only will you get 30% to 50% more life out of your shoes, when it is raining or wet outside, the rubber prevents the water from seeping into the leather. It winterizes your shoes. Putting a ‘rubber skin’ on the sole of your shoes will double their life!

    Happy Trails . . .

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