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‘Sale Time’ in 2 weeks!

Fall/Winter ‘Sale time’ is rapidly approaching. What better time to update your winter clothes?! Prices will be reduced 40% to 70% off the majority of retail stock. In addition, I have located a few amazing consignment stores! In the past, we have thought of ‘used clothing stores’ when we are looking for vintage or costume clothing. Times are changing and so are ‘pre-owned clothing’ stores! There is a handful of select shops that do an amazing job with their buying and merchandising. You would never know you were in a used clothing store. They have a great selection of current fashion at amazing low prices, in sizes ranging from 4 to 10/12.

Even ‘Valley Girls’ are thrifting!

Depending on your budget, sale shopping or thrift shopping are cost effective options to freshen up your ‘winter look’.

Call to schedule your appointment today! (415) 690-5656

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday Season.


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