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Southon Wisdm

I’ll never forget the words a serious ‘Southon Belle’ said to her daughter years ago; “Why honey, don’t yu know havin bad manna’s is wurs than havin no money¬†child?”

This gives me such a chuckle. It’s totaly true.

She then continued, saying; “Child, clean yor face, brush yor haya and put some clean clothes on that au pressed real guud. Don’t yu know that y’always look smarta when yor clean and pressed?”

Also True! These pearls of wisdom wur neva said betta.

If you know your manners and show up clean and snappy you can interface almost anywhere with ease and confidence. It affords you more options, opportunities and therefore more choices in life.

When you are around people that know good manners and you don’t know them, this can create unnessesary and false judements about you.

Show up clean and snappy, learn which fork to use and follow the lead of others if your not sure.

Expand your horizons and create new opportunities today!

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