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“Time for Beige”

Yes, ‘Sale Time’ is in full swing . . .

A few weeks ago I took a client shopping at the HUGE memorial day sales. Total insanity! Fortunately this shoe department and HUGE sale was relatively calm comparatively. 

I had just completed helping my client select some great shoes. We were standing at the counter while they were ringing up her purchase. The shoe department was crazy busy with women of all ages shapes and sizes trying to find that perfect shoe for a great price. My attention landed on a beautiful young woman trying on some fabulous high heel platform shoes. She was sitting down looking at the beige strappy high heels on her feet. You could almost see her thoughts floating in space above her head. She was wondering if these were ‘the right ones’.

There was another box of shoes sitting right next to her. They were the same shoes in red. The woman was a gorgeous brunette in her mid 30′s with great legs. She had a curvy little figure to lust after. Standing about ten feet away was another woman observing her. This woman was a well kept mature NY Jewish woman with a very strong accent wearing big black ‘Jackie ‘O’ sunglasses and a turban scarf on her head. She appeared to be in her late 60′s and very fashionable.

At a distance she and I were both quietly observing the woman trying on the shoes. From my view I was observing both women, the one trying on the shoes and the ‘fashionable New Yorker’ observing the woman trying on the shoes. The beautiful brunette was now looking back and forth at the beige shoes and the red shoes trying to decide which one. Amidst her thoughtful deliberation, suddenly, the woman in the Jackie ‘O’ sunglasses said “Oh! Honey! Get the red ones. There’s plenty of time fa Beige”. I started laughing because she said what I was thinking. She said it in her ‘oh so NY Jewish’ accent with such certainty and command, a certain knowing and wisdom that only comes with age. The woman in the ‘Jackie ‘O” sunglasses was right! She couldn’t have said it better. Here was this gorgeous, spicy, 30 something woman who looked fabulous in both, but the red shoes really did it! They were so well suited for her spicy demeanor.

I just loved the way the woman in the Jackie ‘O’ glasses put it. She was implying ‘Use it while you’ve got it babe’. Even better . . . she was standing there dressed in black and beige from head to toe! This was rich. The whole picture was just too good. She was looking at the 30 something woman longing for the days she would have opted for the red shoes rather than the beige shoes, and not have to be concerned about comfortable shoes.

I totally agree with her.

When you’ve got it, use it! Have fun with it! Because . . .

“OH! Honey! There is plenty of time fa beige”.

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  • Pat Jennerjohn says:

    I just returned from a great shopping session with Denise. She and I have worked together so long that we tend to have very miraculous experiences during shopping. We hit Macy’s, found some really great outfits, with a lot on sale even though today was not an “official” sale day (this happens to us all of the time). I decided while paying for my purchases to open a Macy’s account, even though I am somewhat allergic to credit cards, because I would get a 20% discount for the first two days.

    Denise and I then went to lunch and had a great laugh as I went over my receipts because, between the savings on the sale items and my Macy’s new account discount, Denise’s services ended up being free because the savings were more than her fee!!

    So worth it, and everything I got was fabulous, too.

  • Monex says:

    They say that love is blind and I believe them because the Love of my Life is also the Worlds Ugliest pair of Shoes. They were on sale! I will now describe the shoes; They are dark chocolate brown with sassy beige stripes and thick black rubber soles. A man saw me and noticed my shoes. He then shook a coffee can full of change in my face and started barking at me to make a Zesty contribution! He was totally invading my personal space so I took off my shoes and protectively tucked them behind my back and gave him two fingers up British style and screamed at him to Zest off! ….

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