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We need your ideas

Know of a great Stylist in your area?

If you know a talented, forward thinking and great hair stylist in your area, please post in ’comments’ section. We want to hear about your experience and why you recommend this stylist.

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There are 2 Comments to "We need your ideas"

  • Tess Schoenbart says:

    Frank Lombardo has been styling my hair for over a year. When he suggested changing the color and adding highlights to my very dark brown/black hair, I was both reluctant and excited for a change. Frank explained that as we age, our skin tone changes, as does our facial features. Highlights and texturing softens our features, giving a more youthful appearance.
    WoW, he was right on! I love my new look and I get so many compliments. I’ll never go back to the all black helmet hair look. I want to go up to everyone I see like that and say “Please do yourself a favor and go see Frank”!

    Conveniently located in Lafayette with ample parking and great restaurants within walking distance. Appointments available online. Evening and Sunday appointments by request.

  • Allison says:

    I’d always thought image consultations were for news anchors or corporate climbers, neither of which I aspire to. But when I heard a client comment about one of their consultants rather ‘Berkeley-hippie’ style of dressing and how that deterred the consultant’s client from fully valuing their great talent, I thought perhaps it was time for some self examination.

    I’ve always been the opposite of a clothes horse, disregarding our culture placing such value on first impressions – you’ve seen Einstein’s frumpy, wrinkled look right? So, it was with great reluctance that I booked a session with Denise holding back the horror that she’d thrash everything in my closet and require me to spend thousands on all new clothing. Worse, I wrestled with my old hippie belief to judge our fellow humans as more than a pair of tie dies or suits!

    What an unexpectedly pleasant surprise! I actually had fun with Denise who ‘typed’ me as a ‘classic’. How odd, I thought, having always perceived myself as just an old hippie who runs a successful agency so I can help worthy clients change the world. But as Denise reorganized my wardrobe into outfits that actually work, I realized I felt really good in a classic look.

    In this two hour session, Denise taught me what kind of fit would really suit me best – all without any judgment or lectures about the sloppy care of my clothing, too! She didn’t comment on my extra pounds enforcing me to lose it or never look good. She explained so I could really understand the reason why specific clothes were not ever going to work for me – putting those to one side of my closet, and recommended purchase of just one fine pair of pants that would create another four outfits for work functions. She gave me a recommendation of where to find the clothes that fit my particular body, I immediately found the right pants ($100) and love them!

    I actually love getting dressed in the morning – something I used to dread. I know exactly what to wear, everything fits perfectly, my pants are altered to fit me correctly (yes, I’d pinned them for years, never even considering alterations) and I even have a kind of newfound respect for looking nice.

    Like Denise, I see it not as a cop out to society’s judgment of superficial first impressions, but as a kind of sign of respect – kind of what I experienced in the French lifestyle of taking time to make things look nice: your window dressing, your food presentation, your personal attire.

    Consequently, for no apparent other reason, my income has increased dramatically since I had this consultation. Perhaps it’s just my confidence of looking presentable to my potential clients. Perhaps I just feel more comfortable and relaxed- more authentically my real self.

    Whatever the underlying reason, I’m just so incredibly pleased. She’s worth every penny you pay her. And most surprising: it was really fun!

    Thanks Denise!

    Most sincerely, Allison Bliss

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