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The first time I work with someone, a 30 min consultation is required in order for me to fully understand your overall lifestyle and activities. This allows us to edit your closet, streamlining it, while maximizing your options to best fit your needs.


The remaining items are current, fit well, color looks great and you’re comfortable wearing.

(Ie; not itchy, ill fitting or bothersome in any way.)


Upon completing closet edit, ‘needed list’ items become clear. We make a specific ‘needs list’ to complete, leverage and maximize what’s I. Your existing wardrobe.


This service not only makes it a pleasure to get dressed in the morning, it’s highly cost effective as we procure only ‘needed items’. This can be counterintuitive in that you may end up with 50% fewer clothes, but far more outfits to choose from!

It easily pays for itself.


Consultation and The average 6’ to 8’ closet takes approximately 4 hrs.

Length of time depends on Rod space footage in your closet.... and how many closets you have.

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