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Denise Sims Testimonials
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D E N I S E   S I M S

I   T R E A T   E A C H   C L I E N T   L I K E   A   S T A R . . .





“I’ve saved more money than I’ve ever spent on services shopping with Denise! And the results are even better. Having worked with Denise seasonally for many years, my wardrobe stays updated with clothes I enjoy wearing and look great on me. Friends comment, saying “they always look forward to seeing what fun ‘look’ I’ll be wearing”.

Patricia Jennerjohn, Owner Focused Finances

I doubt that other image consultants dig as deeply into the human experience as Denise does, to discover what harmonizes with people and what they wear.

David Feinstein, Founder of All4OneClub

“I have known Denise Sims for more than 30 years. Over this time I’ve used her services on many occasions as a design consultant to help me with my professional wardrobe needs.

I’m most impressed with her ability to hone in on exactly what I needed and also with her great intuitive abilities to push my limits a little bit and take me out of my comfort zone and take me to the next level.

She did this in a way that opened my eyes to new ways of seeing myself and supporting my image and self-esteem not only on a professional level of dressing for my work but also how to have fun with my casual dressing.

Not only is she beautiful and a great role model for women, she really listens to what you want.  Because of her great sense of style, design, color and fashion, she can really deliver on creating a wonderful, comfortable, and supportive experience.

Over the years I have highly recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues who have also had the same feedback and I would highly recommend her to anyone for all the color and design elements they are seeking with fashion and in their homes.”

Dr. Barbara Custer OMD

Denise Sims is a life saver. She visits twice a year and works with me to organize my closets. We get rid of things that are simply not workable. We make new outfits out of clothes that I have. Is is such fun working with her... And my closets stay organize and outfits are accessible and easy to use...I highly recommend Denise.. We have also gone shopping for new outfits. I bought things I might not have realized look great. She is great to work with.

 Dianne Morrison, Effective Action Consulting

“Denise has been my stylist since 2010.  She first helped me with my wardrobe for a TV show that I was producing and hosting.  When I started getting compliments on what she had picked out, I decided to have her help me with my entire wardrobe once for spring/summer and once for fall/winter clothes. She takes the time to understand what changes that there might have been in my lifestyle so we can find appropriate clothing.  She knows her stuff and where to find what is needed.  Everytime I wear something she has helped me choose, I feel great wearing it and receive compliments. She's simply the best.”

Reverend Barbara Myers

“Denise Sims has been my image consultant for many years.  She repeatedly
inspires and enlivens what I wear.  She has an amazing eye for creating
fresh combinations with what I already have in my closet and shows me
what new items can be added to update my look "now."  She also helps me
clean out stuff I no longer need or wear-- hurray for closet cleaning! 
I always feel more "alive" in and with my clothing after having a
session with Denise.  I consider her a gifted and sensitive image
consultant and am always grateful to work with her.”

K Logan

“Denise's extensive experience and intuition make every interaction memorable and worthwhile: whether helping me to edit worn or outdated clothing in my closet (while being attuned to sentimental favorites), or knowing what's available in the shops  (and thus bringing forward dozens of options instead of me aimlessly wandering through department stores), or helping to put together new items with what I already own, her guidance is all-enjoyable and of enduring value.  Denise helped me change how I dressed for work, and to feel confident about my appearance at different stages of my work and personal life: after maternity leave, after becoming a senior manager, after moving from a fulltime career to very part-time work, and being mostly at home during 2020.  Denise understands the different needs of her clients, and thoughtfully tailors her very specific and valued insights to each person; as a result, I have clothes which have stood the test of time, which after 10 and 20 years, I still enjoy wearing (even as my shape has changed).  Denise is very attentive to her clients' budgets and available time, she never pushes her viewpoint strongly, but is wonderfully intuitive about what works and what trends are emerging!  I always look forward to working with her and recommend her highly.”

Alexis Strauss

“ When I first met Denise many years ago, I was probably the worst dressed man in the Bay Area real estate community. Not only was I color-blind, but I had absolutely no sense of design and how to match trousers with shirts and sportcoats. I also hated shopping for clothes. Shortly after we began working together, I gained some confidence in my appearance. After several years of shopping with Denise, I developed an extensive wardrobe that works for me. And I love shopping with Denise! It's so efficient -- we spend some time with my closet and decide ahead of time what I need, she picks the stores that will have what I need, and I hang out in the dressing room while she brings options for me to try on. Every so often, we'll go through my closet and thin it out -- what's too worn, too faded or stained, or no longer in style. And for special occasions (father of the bride, etc.), she's helped me develop wardrobes that work especially well. Same for when I relocated overseas. Even though I'm retired now and mostly hang out in jeans, she got me into jeans that make me look good and helped me pick out some casual items that stand out. Five stars! Denise has changed my life.”

Doug O.

“Working with Denise has been amazing! I first met her decades ago in a small boutique that specialized in color analysis and harmonies. She put together a capsule of clothes that fit my professional life and enhanced my self- confidence. She can dress anyone, any age, male or female. She can assist with an outfit for a special event or a grouping for a trip abroad. She’s boundless. She will find clothes that look fabulous on you! Scheduling a shopping trip or home/closet visit is the best thing you can do for yourself.” D

Dawn J.

After the first meeting I knew Denise was different from other fashion consultants because she asked a lot of questions. She first shopped in my closet. Once we found items to repurpose we discovered I only needed one or two items, rather than the ten I would have bought! I feel Denise respected me, my time, and my wallet.”

Brenda Citron, Advertising Sales

Denise’s knowledge of color and style gave me that world class competitive edge I was looking for.

Jerry Hill, CA Legislator and Senator

"The best thing about working with Denise is when clothes don’t fit, it’s never ‘my fault’! We just need to find the clothing lines that best fit me.”


I was ready to improve the outside to match the work I’d done on improving the inside. But I really didn’t have the know-how, especially with my large body-size. I was amazed to find there ARE clothes available to fit me, and that look a lot better than most of the clothes that were in my closet. Denise’s knowledge of where to go for the things you need is truly awesome!

Sappho, College instructor, Los Medanos College

I have worked with Denise for about 10 years. As a divorce trial lawyer it is important for me to have an appropriate professional presentation. Denise has done a great job of finding just the right look and feel and fit for me. I have had many favorable comments on results she has achieved. I am happy to recommend her without qualification. She is the best. Not only that, she is fun to shop with!

Harry A. Hanson Jr., Judge & Legal Consultant

Denise Sims Testimonials

Clients revel in this uniquely transformative experience.

Denise uncovers a deeper self with each client. She helps others reach their full potential and become a shining light for the world.

Each of my clients deserve 5 stars

for their amazing transformations.

Denise Sims 5 Star Rating

“I saved more money working with Denise than I have ever spent shopping, and she’s never been wrong. I find her respectful, affirming, tasteful, and forward thinking.”

Dr. Lynne Fraeley, former President National Speakers Association

Denise is fabulous! Before working with Denise I felt I had nothing to wear. Now, my question each morning is ‘what mood am I in?’ or ‘what side of me do I want to show the world today?’ Friends and co-workers have noticed a difference in my clothing and attitude about myself.”

Candice Thompson, IT Specialist

What a shock! After getting rid of what didn’t make me feel beautiful, and without buying any new clothes, Denise saw color combinations I would never think of in a million years. I’ve ended up with a list of 15 or 20 new, beautiful, and unusually combined outfits I hadn’t even recognized before. Talk about saving money in the long run! 

Kathleen Sims, Therapist and Founder of the Center for Conscious Relationship

If you want to put together a look that’s knock-em-dead gorgeous, Denise is the one to do it. She created my complete look: hair, makeup … my outfit from shoes to accessories. She has a very wise and gifted eye.

 Linda Wolfer, MBA, Financial Analyst

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