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T H E   P H I L O S O P H Y

Denise Sims

Denise Sims is a pioneer in the Image Consulting field. In the past 30 years she has helped more than 5,000 men and women look and feel their best. Denise brings to the task a highly refined expertise in color and personal style that has earned her acclaim from clients in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston, and in the international fashion centers of London, Italy and Paris.

The Bay Area Image Consultant

An acknowledged expert in image consulting, in the last three decades Denise has taught classes on personal style to over 10,000 people. She is skilled at teaching, and empowering others to make satisfying choices that serve their needs and personal style. Denise loves nothing better than working with individuals to clarify their personal style, and helping to promote their success!

Denise Sims Philosophy
Denise Sims Philosophy
Denise Sims Logo


As an image consultant,

Denise is known for her

refined expertise in style

and color.

Denise is also a highly sought-after speaker. She has presented at numerous conferences and conventions, delivering presentations that are frequently the highest-attended and highest-rated by participants. She is known for her fun, informative, upbeat and interactive speaking style. Participants frequently say they walk away with new insights or an ‘Aha’ moment!’

There are so many unusual and exquisite color combinations and variety of silhouettes in one's closet, the possibilities allow for countless inspiring ‘looks’

Denise Sims

When not assisting her clients with their style and clothing choices, Denise extends her expertise to their homes: For the past 15 years, she has helped many clients create unique, beautiful progressed color palette for their home environments, further reflecting their newly discovered sense of style.

From a very young age Denise was clear that she wanted a career that combined art and clothing design. She has been very fortunate to fulfill that dream.

As a teen, Denise designed and sold one-of-a-kind clothing to high-end boutiques (since her mom was her “rep,” no one knew she was 13 at the time!). She then became a buyer for a men’s and women’s boutique, did menswear tailoring, and designed and made custom clothing.

In the process of pursuing her career in design, Denise had an epiphany: She realized that her strongest desire was to assist people to look and feel their best. There were many fantastic designers – and even more people who wanted to look great. At that moment Denise committed to connecting the right designer (from the sea of choices) with the right person. Thus began Denise’s career in Image Consulting.

Although Denise already knew a great deal about color, clothing, design and customer service, she still wanted to learn more about color as it relates to the human form. For the next three years she studied with Personal Style Counselors (PSC), the color studio held in the highest esteem by design and world class business professionals in the industry. After completing her studies Denise taught classes and did speaking engagements for PSC for 18 years, coaching several thousand people. During that time she also served individual clients, helping them to discover their unique personal style. Denise works with a highly refined, personalized system to analyze color, bone structure and body type to determine what looks best for each individual, and that they’ll feel most comfortable wearing.

I promote my client's

personal style and success.

Denise Sims Philosophy

Denise is able to bring out your essence at its core.

Your success is her reward.

"Throughout our lives, we naturally evolve through changes. Sometimes a totally new image is required to reflect our current lifestyle."

Clients revel in this uniquely transformative experience.

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