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During COVID all presentation services are available on Zoom with up to 20 participants.


60 to 90 minute consultation on all things related to zoom presentation.

Screen/Camera position
Clothes and color

Billed at $150 per hour, in 1/4 hr increments.

Zoom presentation consultations $150 to $225.

ConsulTATION +


The first time I work with someone, a 30 min consultation is required in order for me to fully understand your overall lifestyle and activities. This allows us to review your closet, streamlining it, while maximizing your options to best fit your needs.

I make sure the remaining items are current, fit well, color looks great and you’re comfortable wearing.
(Ie; not itchy, ill fitting or bothersome in any way.)


Upon completing your closet review, your clothing ‘Needs List’ will emerge. It will clarify specific ‘key items’ needed to most cost effectively leverage your existing wardrobe.

This service not only makes it a pleasure to get dressed in the morning, it’s highly cost effective as we procure only ‘needed items’. This can be counterintuitive in that you may end up with 50% fewer clothes, but far more outfits to choose from!
It easily pays for itself.

Consultation and the average 6’ to 8’ closet takes approximately 4 hours.
Length of time depends on rod space footage in your closet.... and how many closets you have.




Every individual has a unique style, body type and color palette. Now that we’ve edited your closet, leaving only items that are positive and work well for you, it’s time to go shopping and fill in the gaps. We will add new, fresh, fashion forward items designed to maximize and fully leverage your existing wardrobe.

This to is counterintuitive in that you’re spending money on new items, however, this service pays for itself as well. Professional help removes the expense of shopping mistakes, targets specific items that maximize and leverage your existing wardrobe with only 6 to 10 new items. This generally expands your wardrobe options by 50 to 60%!

Average shopping time is 4 hours.




Clients give this service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!
It’s a long standing client favorite.

Once new clothes are delivered and alterations (if needed) are complete, we schedule a Combining session. For the average closet, this usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. We combine all new and pre-existing items in your closet, creating a whole new fresh fashion forward wardrobe!

This service provides the biggest bang for your buck! Clothing items in good shape that you may have owned for five years suddenly look like new when combined with the right modern additions.
Special event shopping -
This is a shopping service only, to procure an outfit for any free standing special event!
Job interview, first date, mother of the bride, photo shoot, honeymoon, performance etc.

Depending on the event and season, and shoes and jewelry, time may vary 1 to 3 hrs.





Some people have jobs or a lifestyle that requires more travel. Capsule wardrobes are very tight, cost effective and leveraged. We may shop for specific ‘destination’ items or just select from your closet. Based on length of travel, range of activities, possible items needed, time for this service varies.

If we shop in your closet to create a travel capsule, this takes and average of 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

All Styling services billed at

$150 per hour, in 1/4 hour increments.
1 hour minimum.

Progressive Discount for

larger blocks of time.
$50 discount for 1/2 day - 4 hours is

Full day - 8 hours.
1 hour free





My services are a co-creative process. My ideology is to locate your strengths and ‘serve into’ the areas needed. This rounds out your knowledge and understanding about your optimum ‘personal style’, closet continuity, and maximizing your time and money.

Some of my clients are very good shoppers, yet they may lack understanding of forward fashion cycles or closet continuity, or both.

For clients who are good shoppers and understand forward fashion cycles, my services are best used in their closets! Ie; Doing seasonal closet assessment and making a leveraged ‘Needs list’. The client then goes shopping for specific items, and then we meet to do ‘combining’, using existing wardrobe and new items. This creates a fresh look each season with minimal well targeted additions.

For those who are good shoppers, but lack understanding of fashion forward cycles, it’s most cost effective to use my shopping services to help procure highly leveraged pieces that look great on you.

In the process of working together, client understanding of previous patterns that sabotaged them dissolves. Depending on ones lifestyle, time and money priorities, I work differently with each client within a successful system I've developed over time.
The most cost effective model is seeing a client twice a year. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. When a client is on this schedule the time spent managing your wardrobe gets shorter and shorter each year.

I also have clients that use my services every 5 years or so, and do ‘a big do over’/update all at once.

The most common feedback I get is that when a client shops with me they always end up with a few new pieces they never would have looked at that become their favorite items. Also, learning many tricks and tips over time that save them money!





I provide speaking engagement services for a variety of needs. Personal style classes can range from two full days in depth on personal style to 30 minute corporate speaking engagements. I design each presentation for priorities and needs of the organization or client.

Evening Fashion Salons
This is a really fun interactive event on personal style. Fashion Salons take place in the sponsors home and usually include friends and family participants.

Private Salons can be arranged for groups of 6-12 people. This is a 3 1/2 hour highly participatory event. It’s really fun and you’ll learn a lot about your own personal style!

During COVID all presentation services are available on Zoom with up to 20 participants.

I invite you to inquire today about setting up a fun fashion event!
Prices vary.

Travel Wardrobes
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