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“. . . It’s more than just your image . . .

it’s about who you really are.”

Bay Area Image Consultant Denise Sims

Throughout our lives, we naturally evolve through changes. Sometimes a totally new image is required to reflect our current state of affairs. People typically seek guidance from an image consultant when:

  • Making a job or career change
  • Creating a new public image
  • Re-entering the dating world
  • Weight loss changes your image and you want new clothes to reflect the new “you”

Do you feel like people see the real you?

Bay Area Image Consultant, Fashion Consultant and Stylist, Denise Sims, helps you understand how to convey your very best professional or social image. Clients revel in this uniquely transformative experience.

Denise somehow goes to your essence and core, and is able to pull out that deep, natural inner beauty that many of us don’t even know we have…but when found it feels very authentic. Linda Wolfer, MBA, Financial Analyst

“Clothing makes the man, as naked people have little or no influence in our society.”  Mark Twain

I have worked with Denise for about 10 years. As a divorce trial lawyer it is important for me to have an appropriate professional presentation. Denise has done a great job of finding just the right look and feel and fit for me. I have had many favorable comments on results she has achieved. I am happy to recommend her without qualification. She is the best. Not only that, she is fun to shop with!Harry A. Hanson Jr., Judge & Legal Consultant

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Denise Sims Image Consultant provides personalized image and wardrobe services for men and women. She specializes in unveiling the authentic essence of every client, helping women discover their unique beauty and men realize how to gain that competitive edge in their professional wardrobe. As a result, when you work with Denise you’ll emerge feeling great about yourself. In the past 30 years she has served thousands of satisfied clients.

Denise is fabulous! Before working with Denise I felt I had nothing to wear. Now, my question each morning is ‘what mood am I in?’ or ‘what side of me do I want to show the world today?’ Friends and co-workers have noticed a difference in my clothing and attitude about myself.” Candice Thompson, IT Specialist

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Unlike other image consultants, stylists and personal shoppers, Denise works with a highly refined system. First, she’ll look at your individual coloring, bone structure and body type. Then, tapping into her finely tuned visual skills she’ll help you define the colors, style and types of clothing that not only look good, but will feel terrific for you to wear. Her services are positively transformative in nature – what could be more self-affirming than feeling at ease and projecting confidence at work and in life every day?

I called Denise because I had a goal of creating a new corporate image that would give me credence in a new environment. After working with her, I looked in the mirror and just started crying – I had never experienced myself looking so beautiful and powerful before! It was transformational, and life-changing. Kathleen Sims, Therapist and Founder of the Center for Conscious Relationship

Through the depth of our image design experience, you’ll emerge into a whole new harmonious comfort zone in your life. Call Bay Area Image Consultant Denise Sims today, and start your transformation! 415-690-5656. Give us a call and we’ll provide a free ½ hour telephone consultation about how you can improve your image and personal style.

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  • My experience working with Denise was magical. She was professional, polished, and creative, she understood my look, and intuitively knew what I was after.
    Brenda Citron, Advertising Sales
  • Senior Businessman