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  • Denise Sims

“A diamond in the rough” . . .

Spring has Sprung. Time to refresh and reinvent your ‘image’ in ‘present time’!

I was working with a client I adore yesterday, Reverend Barbara. She is a lovely woman in her 60′s who is the gracious host of the talk show ‘Mental Health Matters’. She interviews many fascinating guests on highly sensitive topics. She reminds me of a gracious and gentle female version of Bill Moyers or Charlie Rose, (my heroes).

I’m very impressed with her show as it is one of the few sources of great information on the internet that is independently funded and NOT backed by pharmaceutical corporations! It’s a gem, like “Finding the diamond in the rough.”. In my experience, approximately 98% of all information found on the internet ‘Presenting As’ “Helpful” on any topic of mental health is backed by pharmaceutical corporations. On the vast majority of these sites the ‘presentation’ of information is exceedingly deceptive. You read an article you are led to believe is ‘Helpful’. if you keep reading and go deeper into each site you will find, only at the very end, buried in very fine print on the very last page that the entire site is funded by a pharmaceutical company of one sort or another that is pushing their patonted special drug. This is not only deceptive, it’s tragic, especially for those sincerely seeking ‘helpful’ information that is not fundamentally plagued with ‘Blue journalism’.

The show is funded by grants and has a modest production budget. After stumbling across her show while doing research on the internet I contacted Reverend Barbara, the host. Her presentation on the show was frumpy and lacked polish and professionalism. The work she does as a host is totally awesome! Her presentation in no way reflected the caliber of her ‘good work’. It was sabotaging her and diminishing her credibility. I offered to assist her giving her a probono consultation in support of her ‘good work’. She graciously accepted. She was so excited about the work we did she hired me as her personal stylist. It’s an understatement to say how fun and satisfying it has been to work with Reverend Barbara.

The work we did yesterday went to a new level. We are now in the process of fine tuning and honing in on micro details for overall presentation of her look, guest presentation guidelines and overall set appearance. In the process of our consultation it brought several things to the foreground for me.

Each media venue is different. One must look at each medium as totally separate and different from the other. Clothes that look great on set aren’t necessarily clothes that fabulous in person. Clothes that are fabulous in person on a daily basis are not necessarily clothes that are fabulous on set. Images that look incredible on your website don’t particularly look incredible in person. Images that are fantastic in print on an album cover or business cards are not the same images that look amazing on your website! Each medium is different.

When you are putting together your marketing materials in all mediums you must view each one separate and different from the other. Again, work with experts! This is A LOT of information to navigate and it’s NOT your expertise. After all, it is your job to do ‘your job’ . . . what you are best at doing! Create ‘Your Team’ and get ALL your support people in place. Find all those ‘Diamonds in the rough’ who totally support you with their professional expertise. In my experience this creates a powerful platform to launch your business from.

Remember, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.

Sincerely in support of your success,


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