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Spanish Princess

Erica is a client who resides in Sacramento. Her mother, Dawn, has been a long time client of mine for ? 20 plus years. I worked with Dawn and Erica via skype online for 8 months planning and styling wedding. Dawn and I designed the entire wedding online after I had an initial consultation with the bride, Erica, to discuss and define her ‘Vision’, look and feel of her wedding day. Beyond that, I just got Erica’s input and approval on overall wedding ‘appearance’ and final choices as Dawn and I planned, styled and handled details for the entire wedding. (Dawn planned and detailed everything. I merely styled all visuals.) This freed up Erica to work and go to school full time while her wedding plans were simultaneously in motion. Her husband to be was also completing his last year of law school.

Wow! talk about a lot going on!

I took Dawn shopping in San Francisco for her ‘mother of the bride’ outfit. I met with Erica (in person) in San Francisco for only one shopping day. She coincidentally found her gown in Sacramento after I had given her and her mom some homework to do prior to our ‘wedding gown shopping apt’. Erica and I then discussed and approved details about her gown via skype and pic’s of her in it, online. When we met for Erica’s shopping appointment I consulted on her veil, all accessories to complete her gown and hair and makeup. We procured ‘complete outfits’ for all wedding related events, including her bachelorette party! Woo Hoo! And purchased all gifts for wedding party.

We had an amazingly fun and productive day. We totally ‘nailed’ all of it and Erica looked fantastic for every event.

It was such a pleasure working with Dawn and Erica to plan and design Erica and Sergio’s exquisitely beautiful ‘Big Day’ . . . to marry the love of their life. Congratulations Erica and Sergio!

I’m honored I was chosen to assist.

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