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  • Denise Sims

Use Experts!

Having worked with many aspiring artists, singers and actors over the years I have witnessed A LOT that goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Let’s just say “It’s not a pretty picture.” For all the glam and sparkle you see on stage, TV or film there is a cesspool 100 times that big that goes on behind the scenes. The entertainment business is by no means a place for the ‘faint of heart’. On the contrary! It is a rigorous, highly competitive and extremely DEMANDING business.

‘Mr. Anonymous’s’ ‘comment’ set me thinking about singers and bands. Looking back on consulting and coaching work I have done with ‘Talent’, there are so many unforeseen aspects that come up. Many artists have passion for singing, playing an instrument or acting. They just want to do their ‘passion’ in life. There is a lot to be said for ‘following your bliss’, I did and I am forever grateful I did so. When one ‘follows their bliss/passion’ there is a very steep intense learning curve and there are always many rocks and bumps along the way. I am here to tell you, there is an enormous amount of commitment and business acumen that is not only mandatory, IT’S REQUIRED! to succeed in the arts! Time and time again I find myself talking with young aspiring artisans and the most common thing I see is the total lack of awareness and understanding (‘blind spot’ and or innocence) about all the other things that contribute to your success as an artist or entertainer. Doing the actual singing or acting (Talent) is only about 12% to 18% of the puzzle pieces that need to be in place to actually succeed in the entertainment business.

When I ‘coach’ and or ‘style’ for most singer/actors I’ve met who are just starting out, the very first ‘order of business’ is to convey how important it is to understand that one must remain unwaveringly committed to your goal. It is mandatory to:

‘Be’ totally ‘Coachable’!

‘Be’ willing to be shredded, sliced and diced in the interest of improvement and success.

‘Be’ willing and committed to learning new things from people who ARE successful and have been for many years. This includes fellow artists as well as experienced industry professionals.

You must also be prepared to spend 10K to 30K annually just to keep yourself ’In the Game’. There are numerous unforeseen expenses required to support you as an artist, fine tune and hone your talent, business and ‘brand’ . . . and they are constant . . . forever evolving . . . just as your work and the world is on a daily basis.

Set up ‘Your Team’. These are people who are knowledgable and support different aspects of your success. The aspects I have been ‘value added’ for artisans is in the domain of ’Coaching’, ‘Styling’ and honing my clients authentic brand. In my experience there are three to five people on an artisans ‘Team’. When you get clear about the direction you are going with your personal ‘brand’ or using ‘Experts’ to get clear in the process, be open and take their advice! ‘Be Coachable’. This is ‘The’ most essential aspect to success in my experience. Locate a business expert, a ‘talent’ expert, a great manager, agent and stylist.

You will also need to find a ‘good match’ photographer web person/social media expert and promoter.

I am a firm believer in ‘Experts’ and use them all the time for myself as well as referring them to my clients.

If you find yourself floundering or challenged, find ‘The expert’ to help you!

In the interest of your success,


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